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Contact Expansions


PNOZSIGMA Series Image
  • Selectable Operating Modes for Maximum Flexibility
  • Widths from 12.5mm
  • 6 LEDs for Diagnostics in Seconds
  • Rapid Assembly on to Top Hat Rail
  • Protection from Manipulation and Contamination
The safety relays PNOZsigma combine many years of experience with today's very latest safety technology. You can achieve maximum safety and cost-effectiveness with minimum effort. With particularly narrow housing widths and multifunctionality compressed into each unit, PNOZsigma provides maximum functionality in minimum width. Use safety technology that saves more space, is more flexible, quicker and therefore more efficient.
  • Uniform Functional Setup Makes Engineering Easier
PNOZ X Series Image
  • A Wide Range of Product types for all Safety Functions
  • Excellent Price/Performance Ratio
  • Fast Commissioning thanks to Plug-in Terminals with Cage Clamp or Screw Connection
  • Maximum Safety with Low Space Requirement
  • Flexible Application due to Universal Power Supply
PNOZ X safety relays are proven through their reliability and robustness. You'll find them used over a wide area in the most diverse safety applications. Use one PNOZ X per safety function. Technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts in 2 relay technology. Sizes vary from 22.5 to 90 mm, the number of contacts from two to eight.
PNOZPOWER Series Image
  • Redundant Load Switching
  • Drives can be Shut down Directly
  • Plug-in Connection terminals
  • Simple Diagnostics
  • For High Loads and High Capacity
Use the modular safety relay PNOZpower to monitor E-STOP, safety gates and light beam devices. With PNOZpower you can switch currents of up to 16 Amps AC/DC per contact. An overall breaking capacity of 40 Amps is available per module. In each case, external contactors and contactor combinations are no longer required. The base unit processes the inputs, the output modules are specifically matched to the respective load. The number and capacity of the required safety contacts can be scaled, depending on the application. You can connect a maximum of five modules to the base unit. Modules are wired to the base unit via an internal bus system.
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