Time Delay


IDEC Series RTE Timing Relays: Learn About IDEC Series RTE Timing Relays Here >
  • 10 Modes of Operation
  • 0.1 Seconds ~ 600 Hours
  • 2 Form C, DPDT Delay Outputs
  • 3 Terminal Configurations
  • UL; cUL; CE Approvals
IDEC RTE Series timing relays feature 20 timing ranges and 10 timing functions. Selectable modes of operation include ON‑delay, interval, OFF‑delay, cycle (ON first), cycle (OFF first), signal OFF delay, and signal ON/OFF delay.

Time‑delay relays play an important role in industrial control logic circuits. Common applications include flashing light control, engine autostart control, motor soft‑start delay control, and conveyor belt sequence delay.

  • IP40 Enclosure
  • +/‑ 0.25% Maximum Repeat Accuracy