Spiral Wire Wrap

Spiral Wrap Series Image
  • Harness multiple cables into a single manageable bundle
  • Allows breakouts of single/multiple cables
  • Provides abrasion protection for wire, cables, hoses, and tubing
  • Reverse cut
  • Multiple colors allow easy identification of cable bundles
  • Installation tool supplied in each package
  • Available in multiple materials
  • Reusable
  • UL File: E141152
  • Voltage Rating: 600 V
Catamount Series Image
  • Ty-Rap Exceeds UL 1565 Requirements for Smoke Developed and Heat Release
  • Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Locking Device Ensures Maximum Strength
  • Provides Exceptional Weather Resistance for Demanding Applications
  • Excellent for Bundling and Fastening Cables between Equipment
  • No-Slip Tail Provides Easy Grip during Tensioning
Wire and cable bundling is an integral part of modern electrical and electronic installations. To finish your harnessing and bundling project as reliably, professionally looking and economically as possible, choose genuine Ty-Rap cable ties. Using Ty-Rap fastening systems for all fastening jobs, large and small, will speed and improve the reliability of harnessing and wire bundling while saving you money.
Spiral Wrap Series Image
  • Protects Cables from Cuts, Abrasions and UV Wear
  • Made from Flexible Polyethylene
Manages wire and cable neatly and allows for cable to break out at desired locations.
Q-WRAP Series Image
  • Mechanical Protection of Cables
  • Self-Extinguishing Polyethylene
  • Fits Bundle Sizes up to 5"
  • Translucent Polyethylene
  • Four Sizes Available
Q-Wrap from ABB is the perfect solution for flexible connections between panel and door and for forming of bundles and grouping of wires. Comes in convenient rolls for easy handling and storage.
SWP Series Image
  • Heavy Duty Wall Thickness Provides Greater Resistance to Abrasions and Vibrations
  • Quick and Easy to Install Due to Flexible Polyethylene Construction
  • Expanded bundle range .0625 inch to 7 inch Diameters
  • Allows Flexibility while Providing Secure Bundling
  • Natural and UV Black Polyethylene
NTE Spiral Wrap is designed for wire protection and it allows breakouts of single and multiple wires. It is ideal for harnessing multiple cables into one single manageable bundle.
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