Line Reactors


KDR Series Image
  • 3% & 5% Impedance units
  • Harmonic Compensation - Use on drive input or output
  • Reduces Line notching
  • Reduces Inverter Overcurrent and Overvoltage
  • Improves True Power Factor
The KDR series models cover the complete range of impedance needs and are available for the line or load side of a PWM drive. Properly sized for the application, a KDR reactor is guaranteed to eliminate any AC drive overvoltage tripping problems. KDR Optimized Drive Reactors are warranted against manufacturer's defect for the life of the drive with which they are installed.
  • UL Listed Available
KLR Series Image
  • Variety of Impedance units
  • 3 Phase
  • All Cooper Windings
  • Variety of Terminal Options
  • UL Recognized; CSA
TCI KLR series three phase AC reactors are intended for use as input filters for adjustable speed DC drives and as input or output filters for AC-PWM variable frequency drives. Drive performance is significantly improved, the drives input rectifier is protected from failure or damage, and drive harmonic demands are tamed with the addition of a K-rated reactor. KLR reactors act as interface buffers between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor. All drives, in any application, will benefit when applied with KLR series reactors.
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