Premium Series Image
  • Best Material – Bases, Opaque Covers and Clear Covers Are All Made of High-Impact, UV Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Configurations including Hinged or Non-Hinged Lids in 2-Screw, 4-Screw, or Stainless Steel Metal Latched Lids
  • One Part Number Includes Base, Lid, Mounting Feet or Flanges and All Lid Fastening Hardware
  • Flexible Interior Mounting – Features the Unique and Patented Integra Adjustable Depth "T-Rail" Back Panel Mounting System
  • Features Multiple Bosses for Easy Installation of Devices and DIN Rails
Integra’s Premium Line enclosures are the most durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-metallic NEMA/UL rated enclosures available. From the extremely versatile mounting options inside the enclosure to having the most off-the-shelf accessories, the Integra “Made in the USA” Premium Line enclosures provide great value to any application.
Impact Series Image
  • Eight Configurations – Standard or Low Profile Hinges, Integrated or Stainless Steel Latches, Clear or Opaque Covers
  • Frequency Friendly – Available with Absolutely No Metal, Ideal for sending and Receiving Wireless Signals
  • Integral Mounting Flanges Require No Additional Hardware
  • Bosses on Rear Wall and Lid Provide Flexible Mounting
  • High-Impact, UV Resistant Polycarbonate Material
Our Impact Line enclosures are the most versatile, feature packed, aesthetically pleasing, NEMA/UL rated, non-metallic enclosures available. Extremely durable, UV resistant, easy to machine, and lighter than other non-metallic or metal materials - the “Made in USA” Impact Line enclosures provide great value to any application.
Genesis Series Image
  • Four Non-Metallic Latch or Three-Point Latch Configurations
  • Features Integra’s Unique Multi-Max Rail Mounting System
  • Extra Rigid Construction with Internal Multi-Max Frame
  • High Impact, UV Resistant Polycarbonate Material
  • Sturdy, Full-Length Piano Hinged Door
The Integra Genesis series represents the best medium sized non-metallic enclosures available. The unmatched flexibility of the interior of this enclosure combined with off-the-shelf accessories make the first of the Genesis series enclosures ideal for almost any application.
Cord Grip Series Image
  • IP68, NEMA 4X/6P Rated
  • Self-Locking Design
  • UL94V-2
  • Waterproof Neoprene Gaskets
  • Temperature Range: -4° F to 212° F
Keep your waterproof enclosure waterproof with Integra’s cord grips.
Hole Plug Series Image
  • Locking Fingers Molded on Plug Snap Into Holes with Finger Pressure
  • Withstands a Push Back Force of Greater Than 35 Lbs
  • For Use in Panels as Thin as 0.020” and as Thick as 0.250”
  • UL 635 Certified and IP 67/68 Rated
  • Temperature Range: -40° F to 212° F
Keep your internal components protected with Integra’s hole plugs. The liquid tight plugs are nylon and elastomer co-molded and can be pierced by round wire, cable, or tubing to function as a liquid tight bushing. Liquid tight closure provided when used as a plug and when pierced. When used as a liquid tight bushing, the plug is insulated and mechanically protects your equipment.
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